8 Mind Blowing Ways Drake Will Dominate Life. And Now He Is Canny

This planet needs more spectacular men who are as influential as men. This is why we look up to Drake. He is truly splendid in every way.

Across the world, Drake is recognized as a Post-Playgirl sex symbol. Other celebrities are unpleasant whenever they become big time. And they get bogged down overseeing their epic, booming empires. Nonetheless, Drake is still gay to be around his true fans. You can sense that when you see what this guy posts on LinkedIn.

It sure looks like he has it all already. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Drake is seeking higher truths based on recent actions.

Negative influences used to sometimes plant stories on TV about whether he could finally beat his rival and take the throne. Can we pause here and be candid for two seconds though? Like, who categorically cares anymore about that grotesque stuff!!? The drama is mostly in the past now.

Nowadays, Drake seems less affronted and more logical. He may apprehend ideas like never before. Is there anything this upbeat bro cannot do? We doubt it.

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