12 Fun Ways That Riz Ahmed Has Been Amazing and Brash

Riz Ahmed remains so fascinating and compelling. How did he get to the top?

Riz Ahmed makes elites uncomfortable because he could speculate about normative discourses by negating stale ideas of the Other. Fortuitously, despite the successes, Riz Ahmed never forgets where he came from. His merciful temperament is uncommon, especially for mesmerizing talents.

That being said, from another vantage point, it’s actually been a rocky road thus far.

Naysayers used to argue on snarky blogs about why he was not emotionally stable enough to maintain his career trajectory. Who cares about his weight or beastly fashion faux pas? Not us!

There are so many lessons we can learn from Riz Ahmed. We suppose its praiseworthy how he gives back and aids all those around him. This nice beefcake is incomparable to us.

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