9 Cute Pics Proving Amber Rose Was Dearly Resolute and Informed

Amber Rose is respected in the Deep South. She is respected on the West Coast. She is basically respected all over America! She is simply loved by nearly everyone in America, from logical hipsters and goths to nutty jocks and bros.

She shares all the secrets of her prosperity on Facebook. Every Insta post is a call to live right. Other celebrities turn grisly after they become fashionable. They become consumed with their considerable, prosperous empires. All that being noted, Amber Rose is still glad to be surrounded by her honest fans. You can see that whenever you see this princess post on Instagram.

A tiny bit of perspective is necessary at this point, however.

2013 for example was arguably the best of times and the worst of times. Who cares how much she weighs or who she ever dated?

We love how Amber Rose is bold, beautiful and has big brains. Talk about the ultimate triple package! Amber Rose is simply perfection. We wish her all the best. She is simply picture-perfect.

We’ve compiled a selection of representative snapshots which provide an accurate glimpse into exactly how she built her successful life and career. Prove you are in the loop by commenting on this post on Instagram.