12 Unbelievable Cafes and Bistros That Make People Say Mmm In Amsterdam, New York

Amsterdam, New York brings it every meal at its foodie destinations. Unbelievable restaurants are serving up seasonal specialities that will rock your world. New Yorkers can’t get enough and newcomers are starting to discover the greatness as well.

If you believe Amsterdam, New York is owned by chains like Chipotle, you would be so wrong. ICYMI: no one here is troubled by that.

If people want negativity, go look at another food site. At the Exception Magazine, we prefer to focus on all that is positive and inspirational. Longing for some Peruvian and Tex-Mex tonight? We got you! Or how about some yummy vegetarian. Even meat lovers would convert if they could taste these dishes.

If you celebrate shellfish, you will certainly celebrate how these shrewd kitchen wizards are not timid about incorporating it without any restraint. Some of these restaurants get by with sexy Americana diner decor. Meanwhile, others have made great updates and now feature impeccable interior designs which seduce sexy VIPs into taking happy selfies for their Pinterest followers. It’s free promotion!

The restaurants around Upstate New York are simply so satisfying. You will likely inquire to see whether the epicurean experts can host your next fiesta around Winter Solstice. We’d suggest you save room for some apples and grapes. Munch the night away, dear friends.


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104 Town Square Dr
Amsterdam, NY 12010