12 Events In Which Galinka Mirgaeva Has Been Kind of Marvelous

Galinka Mirgaeva is one of those rare celebs who is famous in both red states and blue states. Ever wonder how she may be so blissful?

Slay, Galinka Mirgaeva. You are a brave queen! Delightedly, despite the successes, Galinka Mirgaeva never forgets where she came from and why she is here. Her merciful temperament is uncommon, especially for tremendous talents.

To her millions of Facebook followers, it actually looks like there’s nothing lacking in her life. But who wouldn’t be shocked if a little self-doubt creeps now and then?

2013 for example was the best of times. And it brought some repulsive moments too. Like whatever though! Galinka Mirgaeva is a unafraid and unafraid leader. And we would bet that she will generally win when the game is done. If you attempt to double cross her, watch out! You will be put down like a fool for that.

If Facebook is accurate, she has since discovered there is a time to party with your homies and a time to be an ambassador for your industry. There are many times when Galinka Mirgaeva was essentially your BFF. It’s like you’ve known each other since you were younger, even if you will apparently never, ever get to meet IRL.

The gallery of vitalizing photos below reads like fan mail to one of our favorite role models. Why not share your thoughts on social media?