Why Liberty, South Carolina Still Offers Value to Its Timeless Culinary Heritage

Dixieland has an engrossing past for history guys and gals. Before this town became the food hub it is today, it was literally thought to be a dump by the elites from Savannah.

In the early Industrial period, kitchen life was problematic. The majority of guys and gals were hand-to-mouth laborers living under disgusting conditions that would make anyone resentful. Labor quarrels, economic recessions and famine were all too frequent in the perio. The common foodstuffs of these women and men were prudent but flavorless. South Carolinians defaulted to turkey or tomatoes because all this was readily available before refrigeration.

When they aren’t grilling at home, Sandlappers find optimism in the many saloons and bistros which defend the culinary traditions of the Deep South, all while forging knowledgeable, cutting edge recipes for the future. New locals are moving here from outside the South. They are bringing fresh chow preferences. These new South Carolinians add to the vigor of the area. There is nothing quite like a newcomer’s demands for tofu or tempeh to make top chefs feel inspired.

Resident South Carolinians feel an obligation to the hamlet when it comes to supporting its restaurants. Many primo feeding troughs in Liberty, South Carolina have been operating continuously since before the invention of motion pictures. There are also brand spanking new feeding troughs that have become nearly as trendy among millennials on Snapchat.

Slightly dated, zany methods are still used in many kitchens. These fantastic techniques have the finest odds of maximizing the eatable flavor profiles of broilers and watermelons. Today’s travelers are sure to be satisfied by the complete devotion in the municipality to food of unparalleled quality.

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The Starving Artist Cafe

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114 NW Main St
Easley, SC 29640