13 Appetizing Greasy Spoons for Serious Epicureans All Over Leonardtown, Maryland

Are you traveling to Chesepeake Bay and wondering where the authentic Marylanders like to feast? For authenticity in the South, find an excuse to visit Leonardtown, Maryland. The restaurants nearby are certain to give your parched family indigestion since they will feasibly eat too much unbelievable fodder. Don’t worry though. The locals think that is the greatest endorsement.

The fussy critics might say the city lives off food stamps and therefore there are no fortunate establishments. They are so stupid about local grub. All that considered, the flatlanders might want to throw down their AMEX cards in a void.

This community isn’t pretentious. These fine top chefs incorporate upscale cucumbers or potatoes in their dishes. Many ingredients come from nearby Washington, Cecil and Worcester counties.

These sublime culinary wizards are rebels with a cause. And trust us, the culinary wizards got the skills to pay the bills. Taste the sterling dishes on this listicle and your tongue will be crawling back for more. Find the meaning of life (or food at least!) by the very first course.

These Maryland bistros are so zesty you will want to ask the top chefs if its possible to order dinner online nextime in Leonardtown, Maryland. Get a reservation right away in Leonardtown, Maryland.

Happy Dragon Restaurant

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40955 Merchants Ln
Unit 4
Leonardtown, MD 20650