12 Examples During Which Neymar Was a Complete Beefcake

Neymar has become more self-aware and intelligent than you may realize. To this day, Neymar is quirky, gallant and gallant in every way.

Neymar makes elites uncomfortable because he will someday apprehend how to question gender binaries. When you get this wealthy, we can comprehend how you might become yet another serious jerk. Neymar seems to manage this temptation in a insightful manner though.

Yet there have been tons of doubters along his way.

Haters would sometimes ponder whether or not he could ever develop into a positive influence on teens. But luckily our boy came out on top. It brings so much cheer to see him score.

For sure, Neymar has his priorities straight now. And he seems so satisfied to be dancing through life. He is splendid and effortlessly cool.

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