11 Glitzy Super Spots Only Honest Foodies Like In New Berlin, Wisconsin

Ever scarf down homemade tapas and frittatas before? The sustenance is certainly mesmerizing everywhere in Wisconsin. And especially in this town.

New Berlin, Wisconsin sort of operates in stealth mode, particurly when compared to the restaurant scenes in New York City. All right please stop, collaborate and listen.

New Berlin, Wisconsin is all about good chow and doesn’t give a rip about satisfying the top 1 percent of this blue orb. These restaurants have the variety you need to keep the entire family happy.

You may be outraged at first by how these wise chefs use Italian herbs like oregano and basil in non-Italian grilled cheese, tapas, salads or pastas. But it all works in the end. In New Berlin, Wisconsin, there are flavorful choices that are alternative and cosmopolitan but also enough places that serve labor.

You have to see it to believe. Feed your inner child by feeding on this tasty listicle.

China Dragon

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15820 W National Ave
New Berlin, WI 53151