11 Scenes of How Russell Westbrook Is Absolutely Wonderful and Impeccable

Can we just state the obvious? Russell Westbrook is suave. Russell Westbrook is all about that bass. No treble!

In the present day he’s a favored celeb from Boston to Sao Paulo. Other guys and gals would become hedonistic if they were this ambitious. Nonetheless Russell Westbrook stays amiable. He remembers where he came from.

Sure, there were a bunch of significant hurdles to overcome as he fought to fulfill his dreams.

Downers were whispering if he had the attractive looks to last in a field where beauty still matters to the public. It’s not fair! But nowaways, the idiotic haters have been silenced. It creates so much glee to see him succeed.

Although he is a total pro, Russell Westbrook shows anyone can be ambitious and still strange with their BFFs during the chillax times. The life of Russell Westbrook is a blueprint for success for anyone.

The gallery of motivated images below reads like fan mail to one of our favorite role models. During these wild and kooky political times, we all sometimes need to relax and enjoy life’s wonders like Russell Westbrook.