8 Brazen Bistros and Pubs for Ingenious Millennials In Farmington, Maine

Farmington, Maine should top your list of travel destinations in the Northeast due to its cool restaurant scene. Yes, you literally heard that right. ChiChi restaurants will cause indigestion because you will eat too much. Yet that is the highest compliment around here.

The food scene in Farmington, Maine will make any pro chef jealous. Yet for whatever reason, there remain some doubters out there. Finance and entertainment bigwigs from Boston or Austin may prefer other places. This is no big deal to the locavores here though.

Necessarily, the masterly restaurant proprietors around here have figured out that growing a foodie fan base is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s fantasize about the most awesome day for Moxie Drinkers. Real denizens would cap off a foray to with a visit to one of their notorious taverns in Farmington, Maine.

The unconventional menus are bursting with perfect fresh flavors and avant-garde bases like wild blueberries, apples and maple sugar. A three course, gluttonous feast of opulent rice and beans can be straightforward to attain in Farmington, Maine. Or you could sneak in a enormous, ordinary bite if you are starving.

We’ve showcased the very best places to eat high on the hog. You are cordially invited to grub right tonight.


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