15 Novel Eateries That Might Surprise You in Chico, California

Chico, California is a restaurant haven for new parents and their hungry kids. The normal food in Chico, California has become more eatable. This may be due to more comfort foods like tapas on the menus.

The grub spots in Chico, California should get more praise in the New York Times but their rational critics just don’t fathom it. Eat crow crazy pundits. These informed kitchen experts have much bigger fish to fry.

The gastronomy in Northern California is so interesting because it keeps evolving. Delightedly, Chico, California decidedly offers a top-tier slice of it all. Treat your to drool-worthy coffee and cookies or grilled cheese. It’s why boys and girls come together for .

The successful kitchen masters here are disrupting cuisine. They are food tech pioneers. These peerless restaurants have won over college students from Albuquerque as well as alums from Fresno State.

The feeding troughs are ever so scrumptious. And we’ve chosen the very best. You will be won over by the initial nibble, hook, line and sinker.

Hudson’s Gastropub

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2760 Esplanade
Ste 100
Chico, CA 95973