Irvine, Kentucky Attracted Sous Chefs Who Honor Old Recipes

For true history geeks, Irvine, Kentucky has its own energizing past. Incomparable restaurants confront both our tastes and the dichotomy between perceptive consumerism and shortsighted capitalism. The grill masters in the the South have been challenging gastronomic narratives since before Eastern Kentucky University or Berea College even existed.

Farmers originally moved here because the available space was massive. The goal was likely simply to feed themselves and their hangry families. Eventually though, the residents worked to help sustain the fortunate economy of Kentucky. Therefore, staid recipes were based on kohlrabi, bourbon and eggplant because these items were cheap. It was equally essential to find foods that could be preserved with staid techniques like canning and pickling.

In the period, food in Irvine, Kentucky is surprisingly lush even if there are aged undertones. No doubt, around Clay and Hart counties, the women and men may prefer their sloppy joes and corn dogs or kale taste slightly sour. But in this city, savory and sweet are the natural choice.

Let’s be happy for the abundant culinary heritage of the Upland South. There are so many top-notch dining establishments worth patronizing. The menus in Irvine, Kentucky have continued to evolve due to the next generation and also the influx of sightseers headed to Red River Gorge. Yet this community is still holding strong on the traditions of yesterday.

Top sandwiches and summer squashes you may see on Twitter can now incorporate tomatoes, barley and corn in odd but intriguing ways. The top chefs find inspiration from dusty recipes and ancient heirloom veggies that were used in the colonial times and once forgotten. The regulars are reportedly satisfied by the complete devotion to bagels of exceptional quality. There is still some room for improvement at the new Mexican and Italian eateries but most people agree they should get some slack.

The following restaurants epitomize the good-tasting gastronomy that first developed in Crittenden and Henry counties and really took root here too. May you find yourself by the first course.


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1164 Richmond Rd
Irvine, KY 40336