5 Cool Times When Chris Paul Will Be Eternally a National Conversation Topic

Chris Paul has serious #Squadgoals. We’ve got to give a big thumbs up for that. He is known for being two bits sassy and three bits a whole lot of fun. Chris Paul is a bona fide superstar.

Many folks laud Chris Paul for his debonair attire. All that aside, we know that he’d much rather be known for his smarts and bank account. Despairingly, other celebs surely become significant jerks when they hit this level of fame. But Chris Paul would never allow that.

From another angle however, it has been a bumpy road so far.

Doubters were arguing on talk radio about whether he could get to the next level. It gets old quickly, doesn’t it? This post isn’t about all that negativity. We are the types that prefer the sunny breezes.

Chris Paul is shrewd and in every single way, no matter what guys and gals say on Facebook. There are many times when he was basically your BFF.

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