10 Gourmet Restaurants for Intellectual Epicureans In Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Mount Pleasant, Michigan is decidedly turning into a restaurant town. These Michigan brasseries and bistros will make you put away that bygone crock pot because why cook yourself?

Trust us: this ain’t a flyover zone, glad humans of earth. We aren’t all fans of Vladimir Putin here. To be real with our readers though: controversial figures like Mario Batali can feast with their people in some other stopover area.

This area doesn’t want or seek approval from the Food Channel. If you absolutely desire juicy burgers, check. Perfect, spicy buffalo wings, check. Warm dishes made with sugar beets, pears and strawberries? Done. We’ve got all the best appetizers to fill you up.

In Mount Pleasant, Michigan, the menus are now bursting with fresh flavors and modern ingredients. You might try a new vegetable you’ve never heard of! Why not revere National Chocolate Day with excellent friends, excellent wine and a quality plate of local food?

We all scream for more time eating and less time cooking on a Tuesday. Formulate your dining plan to turbocharge your potential pleasure. And eat us out of house and home.

The Brass Cafe and Saloon

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128 S Main St
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858