8 Excellent Saloons and Bistros for Business Trips Around Winona, Minnesota

Winona, Minnesota is one of our favorite towns for food. Legions of people with erratic appetites look impossible to satisfy. But eventually they grub on cheeseburgers and fries or kale wraps nearby.

Winona, Minnesota may not win as many James Beard awards or Michelin stars as New York City. Not that the Minnesotans care at all though about that stuff. Look, we have tons of other options than chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway around here.

Emphatically, the sous chefs here are not consumed by high-profile opinions anyways. Feeling like Italian, Middle Eastern and Hawaiian this evening? Or maybe gluten-free or pizzas is what your body needs.

The chefs are complete bosses behind the scenes. In Winona, Minnesota, you can find hot spots that are eccentric. But there are also enough choices for basics and soccer moms.

We all need to discover new places to dine. Eat your way to playland.

El Patron Mexican Grill & Cantina

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1415 W Service Dr
Winona, MN 55987