11 Lovely Cafes and Bistros Only Regulars Foodies Celebrate In Mobile, Alabama

The holidays are coming up and you are probably planning a long weekend away from a place like Washington, DC. There are a cornucopia of options all around in the Solid South. Take the road that’s less travelled and find yourself in Mobile, Alabama. The food in Mobile, Alabama is ridiculously delicious.

We grasp that for newbies to this place, there may be enduring stereotypes and occasionally they are negative. In spite of this, regardless of what the media may portray, this community totally isn’t a wacky liberal haven like the rest of Alabama. TV personalities like Jon Stewart can yell at the kitchen crew in some other hamlet of Alabama.

Necessarily, the successful restaurant proprietors in Alabama have long since figured out that growing their foodie fan base is not a sprint but a marathon. Alabamans absolutely enjoy how their chefs use the top beets, eggplant and chilis in their dishes. Believe it or not, many ingredients and garnishes are supposedly sourced locally from all over the state, including the counties of Lee and Tuscaloosa.

Tourists to Alabama will be amazed at how these kitchen apprentices incorporate totally random ingredients like baked beans, bell peppers and local cheeses. Want an insider recommendation to have a next-level, phenomenal experience? Ask whether the sous chefs have any new recipe for National Chocolate Day.

Real Alabamans might split their weeks. Half the days are for the gym and salads and the other half are for five servings of soups and chowders. It’s called gluttony…erm, we mean “balance.” LOL! Anticipate your feast at the most impeccable restaurants from this galaxy.

The Brick Pit

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5456 Old Shell Rd
Mobile, AL 36608