10 Mighty Restaurants for Creative Foodies In Amherst, New York

Amherst, New York is finally earning unbelievable restaurant reviews in both online guides and food blogs. These delightful bistros and pubs are sure to take the blues away.

If we lived within an alternative globe where consumers were protected from themselves, it would be taboo to party it up at the fetching grub holes here. Why you ask? With serving sizes this substantial, lively tourists are certainly bound to get thick. Nonetheless, none of that matters.

And if you don’t know, now you know men and women. These cafes and saloons have the variety you need to keep the entire family happy.

Patrons laud how the brilliant servers try to recommend the top chowders to jibe with their vibe. Celebrate the next Black Friday with your excellent squad, excellent drinks and a heaping serving of distinguished food.

Behold our urbane, curated list of the tastiest restaurants in Amherst, New York. May you have a memorable Black Friday in Amherst, New York.

Blue Fire Bar & Grill

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1340 Millersport Hwy
Amherst, NY 14226