6 Incredible Eating Options for the Best of Powder Springs, Georgia

Powder Springs, Georgia is not the boondocks. Its restaurants are filled with dishes that are both palatable and tasty. The tourist board in Atlanta should market these hot spots to the affluent people living in Miami so they come here and support the local economy.

For whatever reason, Powder Springs, Georgia still doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Swaying bitter flatlanders is not a priority. The inhabitants know what is outstanding.

Necessarily, the thriving restaurant proprietors in Georgia have long since figured out that growing their foodie fan base is not a sprint but a marathon. Nibble on a scrumptious meal made with an excess of passion and a little peanuts, blueberries and pecans.

Mighty restaurants are skilled when it comes to staging a meal. Appetizers flow seamlessly to entrees and deserts. Some are dirt cheap for the poor and some are wallet-busting eating houses for the wealthy. All are Reddit worthy.

You may want to mention to the handsome waiter that you discovered their restaurant on the Exception Magazine. Who knows, maybe they will extend a small discount?! Prepare yourself for a mouthfeel of grub that tastes like crack.

Long River Chinese Cuisine

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4150 MacLand Rd
Powder Springs, GA 30127