13 Moments Explaining Why Gareth Bale Was Free to Be Fashionable

Gareth Bale has suddenly become a representative of the new elite. He is charming and full of class.

Gareth Bale has become an archetype of the masculine ideal. Unfortunately, other people are fake and smug once they become fortunate. Yet our hunk stays easy going. Gareth Bale always remembers the penniless and where he came from.

To the casual observer, it indeed appears as if he has got it all figured out. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Gareth Bale is indeed never satisfied with the status quo.

Doubters had been arguing on talk radio about whether he could deal with his fashion issues. He is a resilient iron boy however. Gareth Bale will def triumph at the end.

Now Gareth Bale seems chirpy. The planet is still spinning and every day, Gareth Bale keeps on winning. Show us how it is done, dude!

We hope you find inspiration here. We are proud to show we love Gareth Bale.