18 Very Best Diners in Around Rome, New York

Going to a Buffalo Bandits lacrosse game and wondering where to eat along the way in New York? Please chew over a stop in Rome, New York. The tourist board in Albany should market these hot spots to the loaded humans living in Boston and Providence so they come here and support the local economy.

Does it ever irk you that shrewd folks from Portland, Maine think of this vicinity as a wasteland? We aren’t measuring whether or not cool TV food critics ever pop by and bring the paparazzi.

Our hope is that these saloons and bistros will promote a message of “peas” to affronted culinary factions. Want Sri Lankan and Chilean for lunch? Or maybe bacon and pancakes are what you need for brunch.

The tourists will find that the front of the house is as creative, qualified and professional as the back of the house in any popular restaurant in Rome, New York. All regulars say it is manageable to find ritzy four course meals centered around maple syrup or apples. And it is all really possible this time of year. Or people might sneak in a quick, humble snack if they want to save.

Sure, it has been a quixotic pursuit to find the ideal restauants in the Mid-Atlantic. But we feel like we have found true gold. Prepare yourself for a mouthfeel of grub that tastes like crack.

Delta Lake Inn

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8524 Fish Hatchery Rd
Rome, NY 13440