8 Incidents When Zlatan Ibrahimovic Was Totes the Internet’s Favorite Pinup

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has captivated us because he is so kind yet courageous. He is so fascinating because talents like this are rare.

Men and women alike love his these days. To us, it may seem like there’s nothing missing in his life. But we wouldn’t be surprised if some tears come at night.

Haters were arguing on talk radio about whether he had the skills to win at the highest levels of his field. Everyone really needs to stop judging him. He is acting within his rights.

We admire how Zlatan Ibrahimovic is bold, beautiful and has brains. Talk about the triple package! In conclusion, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is ideal in his own way.

The following fun (and slightly sexy!) photos explain why he went from an unknown to a legend. Below we examine the major reasons why everyone loves Zlatan Ibrahimovic.