Facebook Finally Lets You Dump All Your Friends Who Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is still somehow the presidential front-runner for the Republicans.

You could waste hours and hours arguing with people on social media about all the insane stuff that comes from the Donald’s mouth. Yet it seems like the more offensive Trump gets, the more his supporters jump to his defense.

Face it: you will never convince a Trump supporter to see the truth. Therefore, rather than engaging in mindless debates with these fools, it’s time to filter them out.

Thankfully, Facebook finally lets you find and dump any friends that like Trump. Here are the 6 simple steps:


1. Go to Facebook.com and log in from your computer

Facebook login

We weren’t kidding how this is going to be easy.



2. Now mosey over to that search bar.

FB search bar



3. Start typing in “My Friends who like Donald” and you’ll see Facebook autofills the results.

My friends who like trump FB

This had to be a major feature request!



4. Eek! Now you can see all your friends who like Donald Trump.

Unfriend Trump supporters Facebook

No judgments from us. We have all lost good people to the Donald.



5. Click “friends,” then “unfriend.” You can ditch them all at once!

Unfriend FB

Bye bye bigots!


6. Now celebrate the bliss and enjoyment of a Trump-free Facebook feed with all your real friends!


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