13 Odd Times Taylor Swift Was Badass and Sexy

During these challenging times, our planet desperately needs more positive and inspiring female figures. We think we could all use more Taylor Swift in our daily news. She is known for being quirky and smart. Taylor Swift is also brazen yet still totally gorgeous.

Taylor Swift is challenging traditional hierarchies with her every move. Against this background, it was a painful grind in the early years.

Annoyingly, Debbie Downers had been pointlessly speculating whether she could maintain an expensive life of luxury, especially once the money ran out. Stop judging! If she wants to chow on a tub of ice cream after a hard days night, well, that’s her prerogative.

She is one of the all time greats. In conclusion, Taylor Swift proves you can change your luck by surrounding yourself with great mentors. Lean in and slay!

We’ve compiled a selection of candid photos which provide a snapshot into how she runs her life. Below is a list explaining why we like Taylor Swift.