11 Supper Venues in for Natives Near Gardena, California

Gardena, California contains plenty of popular, nearby dining destinations for lunch and dinner. The tourist board in City Hall should start a marketing campaign highlighting these impeccable spots.

This hamlet might not unseat somewhere like New York City as a culinary center. Celeb chefs might not get it and frankly, their clientele like Mark Zuckerberg would probably prefer hipster chefs back in Seattle.

These places are probably good enough for Nicole Richie and that makes us proud. Hungry for visionary Lowcountry cuisine or New American restaurants? Or maybe you just want an antiquated standby to use up your restaurant coupons.

This place’s defenders argue that real people make the food around here. Fans can taste the attention to detail and pride in their culinary creations. You actually need to experience these places first-hand to see why so many boys and girls are fans. Regulars find the depth of flavors to be phenomenal at any restaurant nearby.

Epicureans from outside Los Angeles should come here to prove they have a taste for adventure. The restaurants will challenge deeply held convictions about the right way to prep rice bowls and salads. May you and your friends munch at the next blowout like there’s no tomorrow.

The Crab Shack

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15460 S Western Ave
Ste 101
Gardena, CA 90249