9 Rad Times Drake Was a Representative of the New Elite

Drake is the new Internet’s boyfriend. Drake is a hipster and philosopher on important world affairs if you stop and think about it.

Drake is the boss. Watch him lean in and learn how it’s done. Yet life hasn’t been a dance in the club. The will of Drake has been tried and tested many times. He wasn’t even welcomed back by his own home community.

Haters were saying superficial things about his gorgeous body. They described it as noshable. Like whatever though! He is a strong and quirky leader. And we would bet that he will generally win when the game is done. If you attempt to double cross him, watch out! You will be put down like a fool for that.

These days, Drake sounds like he is finally ready for even bigger opportunities. We love his style and sense of humour.

This chic guy is prepared to conquer both the night and the day, as the pictures below prove beyond any doubt. Let’s review the major reasons we heart Drake.