10 Fun Restaurants for Privacy Around Chevy Chase, Maryland

When it is finally time for brunch or lunch, Chevy Chase, Maryland is a renowned pick for its belly busters. The menu options tend to be on the intellectual side yet they are tastefully done here in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Maryland really aint no flyover, cowtown Homo Sapiens. All that being said, legitimate Marylanders would never compare their gastronomic greatness with other regions.

This post is dedicated to all the thoughtful hipsters that told us we’d never amount to nothing. And to all the mindless gourmands that pointed their nose above us while we were hustling and just attempting to make some money to feed our ravished families. Marylanders categorically enjoy how their cooking gurus use the best sweet corn, tomatoes or muskmelons in their dishes. Believe it or not, many ingredients and garnishes are supposedly sourced locally from all over the state, including the counties of Prince George’s and Carroll.

Very often, travelers report how the gay waiters and waitresses always attempt to recommend the most top-notch dishes for you. We bet Michael Phelps would revere these pleasant brasseries and bistros.

Many human beings first come to Maryland for a trip to Adventure Park, USA. But we wouldn’t be surprised if they stick around for the chow in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Ok now it is time to chow down on fresh beets, squash or corn.

Persimmon Restaurant

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7003 Wisconsin Ave
Chevy Chase, MD 20815