18 Outstanding Restaurants with Timeless Decor Around Troy, Michigan

The most renowned food trends are not coming from Indianapolis. For true innovation in gastronomy, the chefs in the Midwest are taking their knives to Troy, Michigan. Belly busters will provide you with the energy you need to get you through life. It has worked for the Wolverines for generations here.

We sense that for newbies to this vicinity, there are enduring stereotypes and some of them are negative. However, despite what the media may portray, this community decidedly isn’t a wacky conservative hideout like the rest of Michigan. The fact is, those very fussy women and men from the Twin Cities likely treasure Taco Bell for its take on Mexican food. So clearly, those women and men have no taste or valid opinions.

There is so much awesomeness to love regarding the cuisine in Troy, Michigan. Whether denizens want a breakfast restaurant or extravagant restaurant for tonight, these original taverns will keep the whole squad coming back for seconds.

Our food experts looked for the most iconic restaurants in the Great Lakes when compiling this review. Most cafes here hand over their meatloaf, steaks or salads on a silver platter because they value your business. As a result, they can get packed in like sardines.

We would not waste any of your time and have highlighted the most true restaurants in the Wolverine State. Although the time at a Detroit Red Wings ice hockey game is fleeting, these foodie memories will last forever.

El Guanaco

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1710 Livernois Rd
Troy, MI 48083