10 Hearty Restaurants for the Geniune Cuisine of Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara, California is surely emerging as a destination for its incredible muncheries with incredible service. Sweet and salty have found peace across the recognized foodie hubs of Northern California. Mix in some yuzu or melons and you can feed the whole posse tonight!

The critics might say the city lives off food stamps and therefore there are no successful eateries. They are so crazy about local grub. For real, Santa Clara, California has so many other options beyond fast food around here.

The lack of PR inevitably results in larger portions for us without having to pay big city prices. Nom! Nom! Foodie diners tend to use local ingredients and that’s the case here. Taste the best cactus pears, almonds and grapefruit available and other locally grown foods from Colusa and Tulare counties in each dish.

Listen and learn from the skilled chefs how to properly prepare cactus pears or grapefruit so that the flavors dance off the plate. Californians living in Santa Clara, California have reportedly said that a select set of eating houses here are simply local secrets. Others are well-known across Northern California for the food. Rest assured, all are worthy of Pinterest bragging.

Only hungry millennials or Jeff Weiner could definitely revere the hot spots around Santa Clara, California. Given the chance, most guys and gals would like a casual munch with bae at these foxy feeding troughs.

Orenchi Ramen

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3540 Homestead Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95051