13 Budget Busters with Creative Cooks in Venice, California

Seeking a totally novel foodie destination in LA County? Why not consider La La Land for this upcoming La La Land? Real Angelenos have been posting fun posts on Facebook from the following hot bistros. Hype is red hot now that new hip cafes are here to feed the masses.

Yet for whatever reason, the top chefs in Venice, California still don’t see the credit outside California that they deserve. Who cares if these classic Los Angeles recipes are featured on the Food Network?

Each dark cloud brings a silver lining with it. And for the legitimate Angelenos, that results in top-notch American or Mexican dining without any of the ballyhoo. Looking for cutting-edge vegan restaurants? Or maybe you need to fill up at a classic standby for steaks and chops.

Learn from the top chefs how to decidedly add umami to eggs with oranges and honey. Diners and saloons nearb will hand over their pizzas, briskets and roasts on a silver platter since they really value your business. As a direct result though, during busy times they can get packed in like sardines with so many loyal patrons.

The taverns are ever so tasty. And we’ve endorsed the very best. Feast like there is no tomorrow.

The Anchor

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