16 Greasy Munch Joints for Tourists Visiting Lynn, Massachusetts

The most hip food spectacles are not coming from Chicago anymore. For savvy innovations in gastronomy, America’s culinarians are taking their knives to Lynn, Massachusetts. It appears that many of the strange culinary traditions are indeed rooted in this region’s eccentricities.

Are you one of those folks who hypothesized that this neighborhood is larded up with Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Applebee’s? Sheesh, that sure is a completely half-baked view of Massachusetts. Nevertheless, chasing food trends is not a priority here in this territory. Bay Staters know what is good and munchable to their tastes.

Charming restaurants can ultimately serve the common man too. First things first, the luncheonettes and canteens are on point if you want peach cobblers and sweet potato pies tonight.

Our insightful editors tried to answer the challenging question: “What is essential to eat in Massachusetts?” since there are so many blissful choices for bacon and eggs. Here’s a recommendation from the local Red Sox fans for the most memorable dining experience. You should really ask for the off menu pizza or tacos. The sassy waiters may be reluctant but the gourmands simply will be touched.

Thankfully, the restaurants in Lynn, Massachusetts are doing their part to make this world a better place. Bon appetit, gracious guys and gals representing the Old Colony State.

Four Winds Pub & Grill

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265 Broadway
Lynn, MA 01904