11 Matchless Restaurants for Baby Boomers Around Brunswick, Maine

When you get tired of the same routine in Paris, it is time to pack your bags for Brunswick, Maine. The restaurants in Brunswick, Maine are known for being wicked good. They have big fans on each coast and even in Brooklyn.

Not everyone can treasure kitchen experts who sometimes try to go out in blaze of glory every night. Who cares if Barack Obama ever ate here? People like that seem like they are all Hollywood now anyways.

This hamlet doesn’t want or seek approval from the Food Channel. Desire those hip lobsters, clams and haddock for breakfast and dinner? Or maybe kale and swank, organic farm eggs are what you want for brunch and lunch. Either way, dear ladies and gentlemen, we got you covered.

Listen and learn from the skilled kitchen apprentices how to properly prepare lobsters, clams and mussels so that the flavors dance off the plate. Want a life hack to complete the experience? Ask about the prix fix options.

Many folks first come to Maine for a trip to . But we wouldn’t be surprised if they stick around for the food in Brunswick, Maine. Although the time at is fleeting, these foodie memories will last forever.

Enoteca Athena

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97 Maine St
Brunswick, ME 04011