7 Unreal Times Jennifer Lopez Was Just Like You

If you like to follow inspirational women, you really need to see the social media pages of Jennifer Lopez. She is a humanitarian and fashion icon.

There are so many young men who are super fans of this powerful lady. Some perspective is needed, however. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Jennifer Lopez. We can never forget (or forgive) some of the past dramas.

Haters were posting cruel comments about her on Facebook and Twitter. And the mainstream media didn’t take her ideas seriously either. It was quite sexist. Stop judging! If she wants to munch on ice cream after a long day at work, that’s her prerogative.

She never truly relaxes since there might be another sexy model trying to steal her spotlight. Ultimately, we think Jennifer Lopez is perfect.

You may not agree with all her choices or politics. But that’s ok! Let’s examine all the reasons we heart Jennifer Lopez.