16 Grub Stands for Picky Centennials Near Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City, Kansas serves up loads of legit cafes nearby. Predictably, gals and guys from across Kansas are so envious. We are going to let you in on a secret. This is where the born and bred Jayhawkers actually like to eat.

This area literally isn’t a lunatic liberal domain like the rest of the Great Plains. But we understand that for some newbies, this lingering impression may make this town look like a tough nut to track. For real: these should be on the radar for foodies everywhere.

This town doesn’t care if Anthony Bourdain promotes it on TV. These suave chefs know how to properly incorporate radishes, arugula and wheat in their menus. Many ingredients are shipped in from Morris or Nemaha counties.

Grub addicts may learn from the chefs how to really add umami to eggs with chard, beef and celery. Alumni from KU and Wichita State love these Japanese, BBQ or Asian fusion joints. Some are casual for steaks and fish while others are for dressing up to impress.

We all need to unearth new places to dine now and then. Satisfy your cravings this week, good guys and gals of Kansas City, Kansas.

Taco Republic

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500 County Line Rd
Kansas City, KS 66103