Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead at 79


Antonin Scalia, the senior conservative voice on the US Supreme Court, was found dead today at age 79.

Scalia was staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort near Big Bend in Texas. According to reports, Scalia arrived on Friday and had attended a party with 40 guests. When Scalia didn’t appear for breakfast, someone from the ranch checked his room and found the body.

It appears Scalia died of natural causes but given his importance, the FBI will investigate.

President Barack Obama could nominate his successor. However, considering the President faces staunch opposition by the GOP majority in Congress, it is possible that this will have to wait until the next President is elected.

Scalia was appointed by Ronald Reagan to the Supreme Court in 1986 after Justice William Rehnquist was elevated to Chief Justice.

The San Antonio Express News broke the story.