Pizza Parlor Secrets REVEALED: Here’s What Happens When Nobody Picks Up a Pie

pizza delivery

We all love pizza! Therefore, it’s hard to imagine a scenario of somebody ordering a delicious pie and then failing to pick it up.

But if you are curious what happens, Patrick Richardson, a pizza delivery dude for 6 years, explains on Quora:

Most common: By the time we were 99% certain no one was coming, the pizza was already so dried out that no one really wanted to eat it. It ends up in the trash. (They sit under heat lamps, and although boxed, an hour or two under the heat lamps makes the pie less than appetizing.)
Occasionally: New workers might start chowing down on it. Afer all, pizza is still a “treat” to them and they haven’t seen enough fresh pizzas to know how crusty and dead looking one that nobody has picked up looks.
Rarely: I only saw this a few times and only under 2 managers, but if they were feeling particularly lazy and were pretty sure no one was coming, they’d stick it back in the oven about halfway and actually send it out a customer who had ordered the same thing.

Now you know!