12 Most Tempting Restaurants for Delightful Fodder By Troy, Michigan

Troy, Michigan is stocked with flavorable restaurants. Full disclosure: Homo Sapiens here love anything made with chickens, cherries and apples.

People from Cleveland may not understand why life is wonderful in Troy, Michigan. Candidly, they can be boorish and rude AF. For real though: Kanye West can munch with their huge entourage somewhere else. They wouldn’t understand the mentality around these parts.

Troy, Michigan is all about masterful food and the chefs let their plates do the trash talking. If you want a good Pakistani food, you may need to keep searching. But delectable pizza? Check. Authentic tacos? No problemo! Top bang for the buck, YUP. What else could you dream of?

We love how these ace culinarians source fresh sugar beets, pears and strawberries from the wild or local farms and the food comes from within a short drive of Troy, Michigan. These restaurants range from unusual to unusually delicious.

Across America, there has been a crisis in creativity regarding so many cuisines. Luckily, the restaurants here serve up the cure. Dear friends and frenemies from Chicago, please take a seat at our tables for the very best cuisine in the Midwest.

Cedar Grille

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5377 Crooks Rd
Troy, MI 48098