15 Legit Munch Destinations with Chefs on a Mission In Delafield, Wisconsin

It’s a typical story. You are traveling to the Midwest for a weekend of action at Wisconsin State Fair Park. And now you are wondering where to eat. How about making a stop in Delafield, Wisconsin? Let’s suppose you are already sold and ready to ask your smartphone: find places to eat near me in Wisconsin! You need to check out these restaurant suggestions.

We think Delafield, Wisconsin deserves lots of awards and recognition for being awesome. However there are who haven’t had a moment to taste the grandeur yet. Snobby French chefs like Alain Ducasse should really focus on other markets.

Delafield, Wisconsin doesn’t ask for approval from the food channel. Whether folks are seafood lovers or thin crust pizza afficionados, flawless restaurants await.

In this epoch of cheap and nasty fast food, these skilled culinarians are on the vanguard of the revolution. You could label them freedom fighters for food. They would make their ancestors in Wisconsin proud. A handful of restaurants on this list use the same proven menus since they opened. There are also a select bunch with hidden menu items packed with apples and peas which you may not realize even existed.

To wrap this post up like they do at your favorite takeaway joint, we have chosen fine dining institutions which harmonize modern takes on oats or corn with the best of old school service. Formulate your dining plan now.

Kurt’s Steak House

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22 W Main St
Delafield, WI 53018