10 Unique Supper Clubs for Hangry Millennials by Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro, Alabama has a wealth of belly busters. Full disclosure: people here will eat anything flavored like coffee and biscuits.

However, there are still hedonistic naysayers who haven’t given Scottsboro, Alabama a fair shake yet. Alerting Captain Obvious: the cooks nearby won’t be aggravated by what a handful of persnickety millennials write on Yelp.

At the Exception Magazine, we generally attempt to find out about the most influential places and inspiring people. We tend to boast about all that is wonderful for food in Scottsboro, Alabama. Drive around the restaurant hub in Scottsboro, Alabama for a few minutes and you will quickly become amazed by the variety.

We found a couple of well-known Alabama establishments and mixed in a few surprises from the area to create a very tasty listicle. In particular, we enjoy the old school institutions in Scottsboro, Alabama. Eating there is like taking a big bite out of history.

We may be wrong or we may be right about these restaurants. But it feels ever so good to be lost in food paradise. Your taste buds are about to take a trip to paradise.

Holy Smokes BBQ

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108 Tupelo Pike
Scottsboro, AL 35768