16 Most Shameless Restaurants for Staunch Foodies In Midvale, Utah

You know that food craze sweeping the Mountain States? Maybe it is low-carb, low-sodium or gluten-free? We can’t keep track of these Hollywood diets! Well, thankfully the chefs in Midvale, Utah create trends and don’t follow them. The town cooking gurus slay.

Even though this neighborhood merits even more credit across the Mountain States, there are many voices on LinkedIn who haven’t seen or tasted the glory. For real though: Axl Rose can take their food selfie somewhere else.

Utahans who vote with their tastebuds have elected Midvale, Utah as a legit, leading restaurant town. To experience the essential cafeterias of Midvale, Utah, most would suggest that women and men start in the central restaurant district. For the next fun meal or drink, quickly get away from the main areas and venture to some of the African, Middle Eastern or Asian hot spots we have also highlighted.

These eateries are not bad for dieters. Although you should be mindful of the jumbo plates. A few saloons are surprisingly affordable while other recommendations below will cost you an arm and leg. It will be worth it when your friends validate your decision by liking your posts on Snapchat.

To people who have called Midvale, Utah their home town but now live in some far off place like Boise, we bet absence makes the heart grow fonder and the tongue salivate. May your Sundays be fun days.

Thai Spice

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854 Fort Union Blvd
Midvale, UT 84047