Why John Kasich Met Richard Nixon

kasich nixon 1970

John Kasich, the Republican Governor of Ohio, just put in a strong second place finish in the New Hampshire primary.

So who is this guy, really?  Well, back in 1970, Kasich was just another college student…and a big fan of Richard Nixon.  In fact, a hand-written note by an 18 year-old Kasich to the President helped secure a face-to-face:

I think that you, as far as I can judge, are not only a great president but an even greater person. I say even greater person because you sacrifice your political future for the good of the country. No American could ask more. You were faced with a bleak economic picture, welfare recipient problems, a dragging war and much more. You have either cleared or started the wheels turning toward the easing of our problems. That is why I am “burned up” when someone says, “What’s Nixon done?” However, I feel that I have brought many to the fold.

Today, Kasich is one of the most moderate GOP candidates. It seems Nixon is also relatively moderate by the standard of today’s conservatives!