The Lady Who Thought She Could Fly by Using Her Mind

flying woman

Madame Helen Alberti was an opera singer who later turned all ‘new age’ once her career on the stage was finished.

She developed a theory on “cosmic motion” which she believed humans could harness to make themselves fly. She also built a contraption in 1931 to prove the point. Here’s how it would all work:

Searing in mind, then, these tunnels or spaces between the molecules of the body, you can with the right thought contract the body to a state of solidity, and with relaxation expand it to a state or feeling of thin air without weight. You can take possession of your own body and make it obey your will.

Centralize your thought. Relax the whole outer body — wear it as a garment. Now, from that center begin to move, letting the force within you raise you up; feel yourself filled with energy. Now let it out slowly in rhythm; again, sideways, expanding the universal laws of forces around, above, beneath, and on either side of you.

As you can see, even though the flying device looked cool, no person was able to achieve lift off.

flying contraption 1930