8 Scrumptious Brasseries to Satisfy Your Stomach in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Cottage Grove, Minnesota has been granted a wealth of pleasant restaurants. They give you hope for local cuisine. These culinarians slay.

Skinny girls and buff bros from Cleveland may not fight for this community or think a trip to the Guthrie Theater is cool anymore. Who cares though. Minnesotans are convinced that eventually, this area will be the grandest restaurant haven anywhere in the North Star State.

Hey big city bloggers – your ‘hot takes’ on Minnesota are usually shallow and ill-informed. And the Minnesotans have already forgotten you even bothered. There are flavorful bistros and cafes matched for your tastes if you are a connoisseur of cheeseburgers and fries.

Watch and learn a thing or two from the skilled kitchen aces. You might catch a glimpse of how they carefully prepare wheat or dairy to extract all the savory and sweetness. On payday, got money burning a hole in your pocket? Aren’t you lucky!? Yes, there are expensive options here where you can take bae. But there are also working class cafeteries which are worthwhile.

We will bet a dollar to a doughnut that you will absolutely adore these picks. Adulting is difficult. Eat like a kid tonight.

Rocco’s Pizza

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7422 E Point Douglas Rd S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016