7 Bizarre Times Benedict Cumberbatch Will Always Win. He Is Delightful

Benedict Cumberbatch is popular in the Deep South. He is popular on the West Coast. He is basically popular all over America! He is lovely and full of grace and style.

On the Internet and TV, Benedict Cumberbatch is now recognized as an unconventional archetype of the Post-Gender future. Yet there have been plenty of doubters along his way.

Too many haters had been needlessly speculating if Benedict Cumberbatch was too political. Why is it an issue to show beauty and brainpower?! Benedict Cumberbatch throws shade back like the best though. If you cross him, be prepared to look like a fool.

This beefcake icon knows you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. We love how he is still humble yet a star when the occasion demands it.

These rare moments capture how he crushes life and still enjoys the wild ride. During these wild and crazy times, we all sometimes need to chill out and enjoy someone wonderful like Benedict Cumberbatch.