5 Events When Lena Dunham Is Forever a Natural Leader

This planet really needs more awesomeness. Which is why we need Lena Dunham and are here to celebrate her. She is known for being quirky and smart. Lena Dunham is also brazen yet still totally gorgeous.

Today she is one of the most followed people on social media. Let’s be real: she earned it! But let’s not jump over the recent drama in the life of Lena Dunham.

Too many downers had been arguing on cable news about if she could keep her family in line. If she wants to eat a cheeseburger after a long day, that’s her prerogative. Stop judging!

Lena Dunham is already a legend for the ages. In the interest of concluding this post so we can get to the hot photos, it’s so nice how Lena Dunham makes it obvious that anyone can achieve their wildest dreams.

The following examples prove why and how she slays everyday. Here are some of the less than obvious ways we admire Lena Dunham.