7 Sublime Times Benedict Cumberbatch Can Rule the World. He Is Chill with His Posse

Benedict Cumberbatch remains so charming and cute. He has crushed it ever since he burst onto the scene.

King, you are totally original and can never be replaced. From another angle however, it has been a bumpy road so far.

So many doubters would often speculate whether he was going to end up in rehab or something similar. Yet that is exactly why we should all respect Benedict Cumberbatch. Those tests took some real courage to overcome.

In recent times, Benedict Cumberbatch seems more comfortable being himself. He has found peace with his friends and old enemies. To wrap this up, we think it is quite clear why he has so many loyal followers.

The following moments capture how Benedict Cumberbatch slays like everyday. It is now time to review the best of Benedict Cumberbatch.