13 Smart Brasseries to Taste Near Reading, Pennsylvania

The top food trends are not originating from New York City anymore. For fresh innovation in gastronomy, the most eager chefs du partie are learning from the best in Reading, Pennsylvania. Fine food is everywhere along the roads of Snyder, Berks and Westmoreland counties and the scenic byways of the area if you are willing to drive for it.

Accept it or not, this community isn’t some sort of loopy liberal domain. We are not measuring success by whether or not pinheads from Carnegie Mellon and UPenn understand these places. Although we wouldn’t be surprised if they like the food!

The locals in Reading, Pennsylvania want to keep all the captivating soups or noodles as their own secret. These cooking gurus have all you could desire for your meal, from meats to sweet potatoes and mushrooms. And there are local foodstuffs crafted by family operations based around Greene, Chester and York counties.

The au courant chefs know how to take advantage of fresh aromatics like sage, tarragon, thyme to spice up their versions of casseroles and hot dogs. It’s a sight to behold and taste. Most grub spots here hand over their tacos, buffalo wings and nachos on a silver platter because they value your business. As a result, they can get packed in like sardines.

We would never waste any of our readers’ valuable time. So we cut down the list and are only featuring the absolute most captivating eating destinations in Reading, Pennsylvania. Welcome to Pennsylvania.

The Ugly Oyster

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21 S 5th St
Reading, PA 19602