6 Baller Eateries to Experience the Real Pottsville, Arkansas

Pottsville, Arkansas is not some seedy town. Its supper clubs are stuffed with menu items that are both palatable and succulent. Ok, let’s say you are convinced and ready to ask your smartphone: “find lounges near me in Pottsville, Arkansas!” You need to check out these suggestions.

If you suppose that Pottsville, Arkansas is dominated by KFC, Walmart or Subway, then brace yourself to be wowed by the Soul Food or Southern Comfort fare. For real though: Michele Bachmann can take their food selfie somewhere else.

To be forthcoming though, the Southeast doesn’t want or seek celebrity chef approval. Just imagine: you could be inhaling grilled veggies like a bird. Or grubbing on meats like a fattie. Arkies celebrate and welcome all body types.

We love how these chefs source fresh buttermilk and rice from the wild or local farms and the food comes from within a short drive of Pottsville, Arkansas. The brilliant chefs have a reputation now in the Southeast for their quixotic quests to create the ultimate meals and menus from cheeses and catfish. And we all should celebrate their devotion to gastronomy.

Trust us, you have to taste it to believe. Eat like a horse tonight.

Umami Sushi Lounge & Grill Fusion

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304 N Elmira Ave
Russellville, AR 72802