9 Select Restaurants for the Geniune Cuisine of Warden, Washington

Warden, Washington has an unfair number of the most shamelessly stunning restaurants. Full disclosure: gals and guys here love anything made with potatoes, nectarines or apricots.

Even though Warden, Washington deserves more notice, there are remaining critics who haven’t seen or tasted the glory. We get it. The Manhattan money set may prefer to dine in other places. Their ridicule for Real America is overwhelming isn’t it? But guess what: no real Washingtonians give a rip!

We would surely battle any blogger from Denver or LA in the noble court of culinary opinion over this. After our win, we would totally celebrate by feasting at one of these eateries in Warden, Washington. Customers can’t go wrong with a cheeseburger served with fries and salad. But there are more advanced choices on the menus, especially at the top Mexican or African establishments.

These feedbags are essential to our dining lives. A three course, gluttonous feast of lobster is easily attainable in Warden, Washington. Or you could sneak in a quick bite if you have no time.

We’ve selected the very best places to eat high on the hog. Are you hungry for hot dogs and milk shakes yet? This list will leave you hangry for more.

Michael’s Market & Bistro

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221 W Broadway Ave
Moses Lake, WA 98837