7 Extremely Yummy Eateries Where You Can Eat Seafood in Vergennes, Vermont

Are you the type of glutton that likes to explore very mouthwatering restaurants? Then you must visit Vergennes, Vermont asap. We can concede that the master chefs in other places like Boston, Brooklyn or Seattle are solid and good enough. Yet in they’ve been on cruise control in the kitchens for a while now! For truly bold Italian or French food, these places are the absolute best.

However, there are still hedonistic naysayers who haven’t given Vergennes, Vermont a fair shake yet. If you don’t hate at least one item on your plate, then you aren’t being adventurous enough.

Outside opinions from New York City and Boston are unnecessary. And the locavores are already over it. Walk through the restaurant row in this area and you will see so many choice options for pastas and Boston cream pies.

We can snobbishly claim that honest, down to earth chefs cook all the choice pastas, salads or steaks nearby. They rely on the simplest recipes passed down from generations. You really need to experience these places first-hand to see why so many men and women are fans. Regulars find the depth of flavors to be phenomenal at any restaurant nearby.

Aside from ripping into the occasional loaf of bread, all people need to indulge in carb-induced bliss sometimes. Experience the future of food.

Luigi’s Italian Specialties

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141 Main St
Vergennes, VT 05491